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Founder and CEO: Christine Yu

Christine started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2012 where she co-founded her first company in the Digital Marketing/IT Consulting world and now she embarks on a new journey with Callo and couldn't be more humbled and excited about the future ahead. 

Her mission is to bring together beautiful, timeless fashion with philanthropy throughout the core essence of the brand. Callo is a culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in our communities. 

Christine's curiosity and fascination for design has inspired her to create and curate collections that has its own special characters and meaning, She strives to bring an experience and feeling of strength, empowerment, and self-confidence in everyone. Christine is also a strong believer in handcrafted workmanship as she values the story behind every piece, the raw emotions behind the creations, and the quality of materials being used. 


callo, team

Official Photographer: Louis Lay

Fashion and headshot photographer, Louis Lay, was born a traveller, to a French father and Singaporean mother. He was raised between his parents' homelands and the Pacific Northwest of Canada.

His burgeoning love for photography developed after having spent time in the fashion industry as a model. He discovered a love for creating stories through imagery after working with many masters of the craft in Australia, Asia, and North America.

His passion is to bring together a global view of the world and his photographs go beyond just a beautiful shot -- the speak of fascinating tales.

Working with Louis is a collaborative process. His easygoing personality and enthusiasm bring out the most captivating, magnetic, and true images.

callo, team

Friend, Artist, and the Model behind our campaigns: Melissa Riemer

Learn more about Melissa in this up close and personal interview about her journey as an artist. Click Here: Interview with Melissa Riemer



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