Spring Cleaning During COVID-19

Spring Cleaning, Callo

Spring is here!! I see it in our sunny days and hear it in the birds chirping. The seasons are changing and the world is in bloom. Over the past few months, we have been preparing and planning for our big reveal of our brand-new name, CALLO. Entering into our 1-year anniversary as a company, we never thought we would have been faced with releasing our brand in the midst of Covid-19. We persisted and continue to push forward in launching this amazing brand. We united together as a team and want to share our celebration of CALLO

CY & Company had a vision of female lead spotlights and empowerment. After much thinking we realized in order to move into the 21st century of inclusivity we would need to expand our brand and bring forth innovation. CALLO will carry our current vendors and soon will be featuring various curated and quality products including a men’s line. Keep your eye on what we have in store for this new season and follow us on all socials to be in the loop!


Spring might look a little different this year with COVID-19 holding us up inside but we want to keep spring just as exciting for you! We put together a spring-cleaning guide that will include some home improvements and some style tips as well. 

Step one: Pick a room. Start in one place at a time. I started with my kitchen because there are always dishes to be washed. Make sure to bring everything in view, this is to see all the items you have used on a daily basis and items never used before. 

Spring Cleaning, CALLO

Step two: When making decisions on what to keep and what to throw, think back to what you know. You are the only person that knows if you wore that shirt one time or fifty times.

Step three: Make space. When you start to put things aside to throw, take inventory. Create space for all the items you will be keeping. 

Step four: Throw it out the door. What I personally like to do is donate anything I can. Find your local donation centre and know your donation will be helping other people in need.

Spring Cleaning, CALLO

This is very time consuming and very emotionally taxing if you own something that incites a memory or received as a gift. Give yourself breaks in-between rooms, you’re allowed to pick up where you left off, but keep going. I promise this will clear your space and mentally alleviate some anxiety hidden in the nooks and crannies of your overflowing cupboards. 

Spring Cleaning, CALLO, Jewelry

When talking about jewelry, I love to polish all my little pieces. Make sure you are taking care of your precious accessories and if they don’t fit, rings for example, find a new home or owner. One thing that my friends have done over the years is gift each other the option of our unwanted clothes. Clothes swap parties are actually a thing and this is sometimes a way to find your new favourite piece for the season. These parties can work for all your jewelry needs as well. Link up with your friends virtually and start preparing for the summer months. 

We will be beginning our journey to find incredible brand ambassadors and we want you to join in on the fun. Find us on socials, CALLO SHOP, and comment on our post for this blog to let us know how you are spring cleaning and keeping busy. CALLO is a symbol of resilience, compassion and strength. We feel that the message behind our brand will bring together our communities especially in times like this. We will continue to support each other as we journey through this moment and everything to come.

Nikita Gallyot
Lead Content Strategist




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