Resetting Yourself

resetting yourself, callo blog

With the state of the world in limbo, people are trying to figure out what to do with their lives now that they have more free time and the need to work. The hustle of running to get ready in the morning to go to the office, to commute back home has been totally eliminated. Now we wake up and get ready for our camera for our 10 o’clock zoom meeting. It’s ok that we are pivoting and changing our routine, I say this because that means you are a resilient human being doing the best you can. I’m apart of this movement too and by that, I mean moving from my bed to my couch to watch Netflix or work on my next project. Like most people, I have also been laid off and I didn’t know what that meant for me in March of 2020. This brought about anxiety, feelings of uncertainty and I’m the type of person who has held more than one job at any time and works 6 days a week. I get the hustle and the drive you have for living, but no one expected this, so please forgive yourself. We are in a critical phase of history and society; this is our chance to change our lives forever but only if you want to.

People are choosing to stand up instead of laying down with defeat. Some don’t even have the choice because they have families to provide for and take care of. I want to share with you some tips to resetting your life and getting motivation back into your step.

Resetting yourself, callo blog

First, I would get your group of friends, family, work mates and whoever else to be apart of your support group. We can’t go through life alone and we aren’t going to start now. We need these people to pick us up when we are down and to celebrate with us when we succeed. Choose your group wisely as these people will be with you for each step of your way either lifting you up or burying you in dirt.

Next, think of life like a ladder or even just like the game of snakes and ladders. Each roll of the dice will get you closer to the end of the game of life. The ladders will take you up and the snakes will be the lessons you learn; but you, the strong minded, the strong-willed person that you are will keep playing in hopes of getting to the end of the game with success under your belt. Each step you take is your choice, each loss you experience is in your hands. The best way to go about life in my view is thinking of your body and mind as a blank space. You get to create what you look like, what you think about and how you go about your day. This will be through decisions you make and the questions you ask yourself, no matter how hard. Do you eat for your health, do you want a strong body, do you want to start a business or change the world? There is no one stopping you from recreating yourself but you. Your life is in your hands and once you start taking responsibility for it, things will begin to shift.

Reseeting yourself, callo Blog

Right now, there is an abundance of educational resources that you would never think of using because you’ve always been busy doing. This pause in society has be echoed through all our neighbourhoods. We have all been washed by the wave of change and uncertainty. There is however one thing I’m certain about and that is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We have the magnificent internet where we can open any portal and learn. Here are some resources you can use,,, if you’re an artist,, learn anything you want. A little effort can open a world you never thought existed.

During this time, your words and thoughts are so heavy. They are dripping with the encouragement or shame we think we need to hide but instead we can choose to share. This is where your support group comes into play. Brené Brown, a famous sociological thinker, activist, healer, outspoken woman, gives us insight into our vulnerability. She currently has a special on Netflix that you can watch right now, I highly recommend it. I have leaned into her teachings to change my mindset and allow myself to feel and be real in this social media crazed society. Learning from books, audiobooks and teachers of all kind have advanced me from my low self worth, low self-esteem and low body image to a work in progress. I’m not going to say I’m all fixed up because I’m not. I’m still weaving through my life challenges and seeing where I need more support and where I thrive the best.

resetting yourself, callo blog

Sometimes we can be compared to our devices, we need to be shut off and turned back on once in a while to get some rest and relaxation. Life isn’t about all the work you’ve done, but about all the experiences you’ve collected. Here is a small activity you can do that I learned through meditation. Sit in a position of your liking and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to melt away and wander. It’s ok if you have trouble doing this the first few times. Once you’re in a rhythm start to picture yourself standing in front of a road. This road has 5 different paths you can take that range from left to right. The first path is to your far left, picture yourself just as you are now standing there, wave and smile. This is the person you are with no changes. Be kind to this person, they are you right now in all your glory. The second path is you but with one change, may it be where you live, where you work or a new hair cut. Just one change, wave to them too and see which choice you made for that version of your life. The third path is directly in front of you and this person has made a few changes, you see a different version of yourself. Someone doing more, or less depending on what direction your life is going. The fourth person is to your right, they are someone who has made many changes and your life looks a bit different. This version of yourself might be in more expensive clothes or working your dream job. Wave to them and smile and let them know you see them.

resetting yourself, callo blog

The final path is to your far right and there stands the best version of your dreams. They might have a flying jetpack to get to where they want or they are living on a yacht, this is the most extreme version of yourself. Now look back at all of these people standing in front of you and know that there are choices you can make. Pick one version of yourself and strive to be a little more like them each day. Maybe wake up earlier or go for a quick jog, do simple things that will make you happy and love the true soul you are.

I hope this has helped you in any small way and I hope you know that our Callo community is here to support you. We hold open the door to the best version of yourself, all your have to do is walk through it. Our Callo community has pivoted during this crisis, but that hasn’t stopped us from rebranding, creating content, holding giveaways and celebrating our best milestone yet, our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with you. Thank you, reader, for staying with us on this journey and we hope that through our artisanal jewelry and products that we can help bring to light the best version of yourself.

Nikita Gallyot
Lead Content Strategist 




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