Designer Spotlight: TAI

Callo Jewelry

Lovingly self named Tai brings her brand from humble beginnings to high quality fashion for all. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Tai moved to California to start her blossoming business and turned it into a full-time venture. Initially designing bracelets, she was able to identify her audience and created a line of fine jewelry that now ships worldwide. Her inspirations captured from flea markets in Paris to trendy Manhattan neighbourhoods bring forth the delicate art that people so love. Her style encompasses gentle tones and sweet designs that can be worn on its own or layered to your desire. Tai proudly employs and supports the finest artisans in Thailand and is actively involved in multiple charities in both Thailand and the USA. We at Callo love and appreciate all brands that are willing to go that extra mile in not only creating a profitable brand but also able to help their communities.

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Nikita Gallyot
Lead Content Strategist




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