Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

You often hear bloggers, influencers, and other people in your life talk about going after your dreams and giving it your all... but seldom do they ever talk about the reality or the steps on how to approach these goals you have in front of you. 

First of all.. let's get something real clear -- it is OKAY to have a day job while you work on that goal of yours. We often have to fund our projects ourselves, pay for our own education, and pay for the expenses that goes along with trying to achieve that goal.

Don't look at this as a setback, look at this as a positive path to finding new opportunities to help you to get to where you need to be. You will always learn something along the journey, so don't forget to take a moment at every milestone you achieve. You cannot quit your job if you cannot financially sustain your life while you work towards your goals. However, you can set measurable and attainable goals so that you can get closer to that life you are working towards. 

Many times in my life I felt like I was living a double life as I would have a day job, and then on the weekends and evenings I would work on my side hustle. Sometimes it felt uncomfortable and I second guessed myself a lot because I felt like the message and brand I was trying to work towards didn't align with what I was doing for my financial income during the day.

"You are responsible for your life" - Christine Yu

Over the years, I had become better and better at knowing the direction I wanted to take in my life. I am not the type of person that was okay living with just my day job because it was not satisfying for me entirely. I craved for bigger challenges and to push myself to my limits because living up to my full potential and always trying to better myself meant more than my ego of having a day job. 

My Why?

The most important reason why I started my company was because my life had lead me down some dark paths with struggling with certain parts of my life and I wanted a platform to share my stories hoping to inspire other women in different ways. 

First, let's look at some reasons why having those goals and side hustles are a good thing:

1. Wages vs. Cost of Living - wages seem to be plateauing and cost of living keeps rising. It only made sense financially to have a backup source of income. The idea of paying more and not getting more out of something really bothered me and since this pattern/trend does not seem to be changing anytime soon, it makes sense to find other ways to financially increase income where possible.

2. Multiple income streams can get you to where you want to be. I'm sure most of you have heard that concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Successful entrepreneurs and individuals often know to increase their wealth by investing their monies in areas where they can receive a return through multiple channels. 

3. Your time is everything. Being employed under an hourly wage or salary often has its caps and can take many years to grow unless you work in a niche position/market that allows you to uniquely obtain the top salary range. Most people with a side hustle can make up to double their hourly wage and up. Of course, it can be hard to expect your side hustle to make the same total amount of money but over time that side hustle can become something more permanent and replace that day job (GOALS!)

4. Real world education/experience - nothing says experience and education like running your own business... everything from negotiation, marketing, taxes, law, contracts, procurement, sourcing etc; are all aspects of business life that you are forced to learn when being your own captain. The amount of information you learn outside of your day-job is next level.

Putting it into perspective:

When we talk about "bridging the gap", we aren't necessarily talking about the empty space between where you are and where you want to be. We actually want to be opening our eyes to see the bridge that will take us to where we want to go. 

We all have blindspots to certain parts of who we really are, especially when it comes to what we are capable of achieving. Believing in yourself takes practice and everything you need is within you right now, but the process may take time and just know that's okay. 

"The moment you accept everything in your life is the moment you gain the power to change anything in your life" - Hal Elrod

Below you will find an activity that will give you practice to mapping out and setting goals to achieve success in all areas of your life. You can apply the same methods to making that side hustle dream come true.

Your task!

1. Write down 10 things in areas in your life where you know you want to improve and perhaps try something you've never tried before. (career, relationships, money, fitness, family, fun/hobbies) and rate it out of 10. 

2. Write a sentence or two about your current situation in all of the areas you have identified. Then write another sentence or two about where you would like your life to be in each of those areas.

3. Pick your top 3 areas you'd like to improve and think about immediate small actions you can take towards those key areas.

4. Come up with your own action plan. Make these goals measurable and attainable - include timelines and milestones.

5. Every month go back to your action plan and score yourself in terms of how well you did in completing the actions and goals you had set for yourself. If you didn't achieve it in the timeframe you had first wanted to - adjust the timelines and keep going. 

"Mindset is key. Change your thoughts, change your life" - Christine Yu 




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