Are you a visionary or an opportunist?

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Some people are visionaries while others are opportunists. What's the difference and which one are you?

An opportunist is someone that finds and takes advantages of opportunities - morale of what's right and fair has always been part of the dictionary definition and often a debate. 

Someone who is a visionary are able to find opportunities but are also able to sustain a vision/direction. This person can differentiate between opportunities of the moment and sustainable opportunities for the future. A visionary is an opportunist but an opportunist is not a visionary. 

What's the difference and why would you care?

If you are someone who can identify with being an opportunist and not a visionary, you're going to be behind in many instances in the future by always trying to catch up/run-after an idea that has already come to life. You're almost never going to be the one being chased.

  • An opportunist feels compelled to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way without considering any consequences.
  • Opportunists see the current opportunity as a "once in a life-time" opportunity, while visionaries knows there's going to be many "once in a life-time" opportunities.
  • A visionary is confident that their vision won't be hindered by tempting opportunities that will often take them off course.
  • A visionary can differentiate between the opportunities that will benefit the vision and those that will veer in a different direction.
  • Opportunists often feel a sense of "being lost" after they have taken advantage of that opportunity and is highly motivated by new opportunities rather than having that confidence in a solid direction for the long-term plan.

Think about whether you're motivated by opportunity over direction. Do you feel like you're always a step behind or a step ahead and are you doing something sustainable? The first step to transitioning from being an opportunist to being a visionary is acknowledging where you need to transition from. Understand what motivates you, what drives you, and why you make the choices that you do.

The impact of your mindset will not only change your business/career path but also in other areas and aspects in your life. Decide who you want to be and work towards a healthier, more positive and well-rounded individual. This will improve your relationships with the people around you as well. 




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