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Embracing life in all aspects

If you’re a high goal achiever and are always on the hunt for the next challenge you may not always have allowed yourself to take a moment to really appreciate all that has happened. Have you ever noticed that you may have forgotten to stop to take it all in at each small moment along with the bigger moments of the cycle whether you are in a position of a lull or at the peak of momentum? And when all those smaller moments had passed, you‘re still not fully satisfied even though you may have achieved your goal? If you ever find yourself in this position, you should have signals going off to let you know to slow down and...

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Self-confidence: let's be honest

Self-confidence is something that a lot of us struggle with and at varying degrees. Depending on where you are in your life, the challenges you face, the insecurities you have embodied, everyone will approach confidence building differently. There are so many resources out there today that women can grab and get a hold of in terms of the "self-help" type of resources and advice from our friends and family.... but let us tell you the truth...... there is no easy way or a checklist you can do to ultimately help you improve your self-confidence and your thoughts about your confidence. How do you really combat those thoughts and behaviours that we have all ingrained in our brains that have allowed...

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Introducing wellDunn x CY & Co. Store

This past month has been an exciting month for us as we introduced wellDunn to CY & Co. - handcrafted jewelry from Montreal, Canada. We had seen first hand the quality and design that goes into each piece from the designer of this company and we couldn't be happier to collaborate with them on this opportunity. We will be looking to carry more jewelry pieces from this designer as we've had such positive and great reviews from our very own supporters and clients. We heard you!!! and we are thrilled to be bringing in more designers this year offering you quality handcrafted products that you will not be able to resist with the full support from CY & Co. team....

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