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Neha Singla of Posh Events on Pivoting her Wedding Business during COVID-19

During this time there are many businesses and individuals that have been affected by COVID-19. We have been communicating and working with many other businesses to support each other. Posh Events is one business that we wanted to share with all of you. Neha Singla lets us in on how she has pivoted her business during this time and what she has been doing to stay positive about what's coming next for her and her business.  I reached out to Neha Singla of Posh Events to get some insight of how her business and industry is handling the COVID-19 crisis. Being apart of one of the biggest and most important industries, weddings, would have a huge impact and I wanted...

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Designer Spotlight: TAI

Lovingly self named Tai brings her brand from humble beginnings to high quality fashion for all. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Tai moved to California to start her blossoming business and turned it into a full-time venture. Initially designing bracelets, she was able to identify her audience and created a line of fine jewelry that now ships worldwide. Her inspirations captured from flea markets in Paris to trendy Manhattan neighbourhoods bring forth the delicate art that people so love. Her style encompasses gentle tones and sweet designs that can be worn on its own or layered to your desire. Tai proudly employs and supports the finest artisans in Thailand and is actively involved in multiple charities in both Thailand...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing and sweet moms who take care of everyone around them. This year on May 10 2020, we will be celebrating and honoring all mothers across Canada and around the world. This holiday is based on the gift of motherhood, the maternal bonds that it creates in families and the first influencer in your life before it became cool. We celebrate each year to recognize mothers who have watched us grow, taught life lessons and will stand by us till the very end. These heroines go unnoticed, unappreciated and that is all going to change this year with our special gift guide for all your Mother’s Day celebrations. Here are some of our top...

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Designer Spotlight: Kindling and Co.

Today we affectionately highlight another one of our amazing vendors, Kindling and Company. Kerry started designing jewellery as a creative escape which she soon developed into a beautiful and sustainable jewellery company. Every piece is lovingly made by hand in her Toronto studio and incorporate the highest quality crystals and semiprecious stones. The metals used in their designs have a recycled brass or sterling silver core, with a long-lasting tarnish resistant 14k gold fill or rhodium silver filled satin finish. As a designer, Kerry understands the impact she makes not only on the community but also around the globe. She has teamed up with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and also uses the sales from the “Bumble” jewellery pieces to...

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Health and Wellness Explored through Botanics

Happy Friday to everyone, we hope you are keeping your spirits high and enjoying some time at home to reconnect with yourselves and family. We had the opportunity to meet Lashawna, who runs Nurture with Botanics, virtually and knew she would be a great addition to the Callo community. Nurture with Botanics was created with the intention to bring us back to nature and nurture our body with holistic and simple ingredients. Wellness is important to us all and Lashawna brings her impactful, artisanal company to the forefront to educate and enlighten anyone looking to take better care of themselves. This is why we asked Nurture with Botanics to share their secrets of health with us to share with you!...

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