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Hi CALLO friends!!

It's been a while since we have connected... but don't worry we haven't forgotten about you! 

As you all know the pandemic has challenged all small business owners in many different ways and CALLO is no exception. Our team had to revisit our strategy, our products, processes, and channels of distribution since COVID-19 started. At the beginning of the pandemic, our team decided to re-brand from CY & Company to CALLO. It was the perfect time to reflect on who we want to be and how we want to represent what we offer and our community of wonderful followers that had supported us from the very first day.

You might have noticed some slight changes to our product offerings, branding and our total customer experience including new packaging to help take us to the next level meeting our customer needs. 

We decided to execute slowly and at a pace that made sense for CALLO as we did not want to launch a new brand image without doing the foundational work. 

We are very excited to take the next chapter with you and continue to grow with you. Check out our newest collections now and share with your friends and family! SHOP NOW

Much LOVE and Light,


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