What Makes A Good Jewelry Piece?

Recently, our founder Christine Yu highlighted her thoughts on what makes a good jewelry piece article called "What Makes A Good Jewelry Piece?" posted on Roman Malakov, New York Diamond Jewelry Store. 

Attention to Detail

Whether a design is custom or not, attention to detail is key for any good piece of jewelry. This includes things like craftsmanship and quality, but it can also mean small details like the way a stone is set, the metal that was utilized, and the small artistic details included in the design. Christine Yus, head designer and buyer for CY & Co., says, “I have always felt that hand-crafted jewelry produces elements of quality and attention to detail that machine-made jewelry cannot simulate. The person who wears hand-crafted jewelry often feels a sense of care, love, and meaning behind every piece they own.” The care and attention put into every detail of crafting a quality jewelry piece are huge in its overall value and goodness.

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