Top 10 Reasons Why Customers buy Jewelry from Specific Designers/Brands


Take a moment and look through  your jewelry collection, what do you see? A trend in style? Designer? Brand?

It's interesting because we don't often think about these things.. but you may now start to notice that you tend to purchase similar styles in different finishes, perhaps majority from the same designer or brand?

So why? Why do you select specific jewelry from designers or brands? What is about them that keeps you coming back?

We've surveyed some of our customers and have put together a top 10 list to share with you! 

  1. Photo/Image quality: customers want to jewelry photographed well, whether they are product images or editorial images. 
  2. Jewelry designs: must be unique, not something that gets mass produced in chains stores. Most people love textures and special finishes -- LOVE HANDMADE :) 
  3. Quality: handmade jewelry offers a type of quality that cannot be easily mimicked by mass machine production.

4. Originality: handmade jewelry offers unique finishes and touches to each piece made. Even if the design is replicated, there's no two pieces that are 100% identical, you know that the piece you are wearing is made for you.

5. Personal Touches: each designer has a style and when worn, people will notice and can identify which brand or designer that jewelry is from. At Callo, we curate different collections that bring you unique pieces and styles that are different from each other. You won't easily find one designer's offering identical to another. 

6. Connection: people who buy from certain brands or designers want to feel a connection to the brand they are buying from. At Callo, we pride ourselves in our branding, message and vision. We treat our Callo community like family and we support one another. People who purchase from Callo are loyal customers not just because of our product offerings but because of the community we are building together.

7. Feeling: people want to see and feel different colours and moods that reflect the brand.

8. Website: customers want to go to a website where it captures the feeling, mood, and branding all with high quality photos, content, and professionalism. 
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9. East to wear: depending on the jewelry brand, most customers want to wear jewelry that is functional and can be mixed with other designs from other brands. Mix and match!

10. Longevity: both the brand and jewelry itself needs to be long lasting. People want to be part of a growing brand, they want that connection and they don't want to just wear pieces from a brand that is here one day and gone the next day.

At Callo, we strive to work with other brands and designers who are dedicated to sustainable and ethically jewelry making. Have a brand/designer you want us to notice and bring onto our platform? Send us an email:

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