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What is Sustainable Jewelry?

  Many people have heard the term SUSTAINABLE and with that it has become increasingly important to our lifestyles impacting our daily routines and decision making processes when selecting products/services that are more geared towards environmentally friendly initiatives. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Blood Diamond” in reference to engagement rings and jewelry makers are now in the business of changing  their image. Jewellers are creating beautiful pieces of work in laboratories and this is a sustainable way of creating. So, what does it all really mean? I’ll break it down for you below. What does sustainable mean? Sustainable jewelry can be categorized is 4 ways; Ethical: Is a general term, it means products are produced and traded in ways...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing and sweet moms who take care of everyone around them. This year on May 10 2020, we will be celebrating and honoring all mothers across Canada and around the world. This holiday is based on the gift of motherhood, the maternal bonds that it creates in families and the first influencer in your life before it became cool. We celebrate each year to recognize mothers who have watched us grow, taught life lessons and will stand by us till the very end. These heroines go unnoticed, unappreciated and that is all going to change this year with our special gift guide for all your Mother’s Day celebrations. Here are some of our top...

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What to wear: Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the perfect jewelry to compliment your looks! Burberry: Waistcoat Panel Wool Tailored Jacket CY & Co. Store (Necklace): Damien | Short Gold Pendant Necklace | wellDunn Holiday Collection Ted Baker: Trixxie Dress CY & Co. Store (Earrings): Hoops with two fresh pearls | TAI Collection Ted Baker: Suede and Leather Courts Michael Kors: Cece Medium Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag CY & Co. Store (Bracelet): Ivory Bracelet | wellDunn Collection   Christine YuCEO, CY & Co.   #womensupportingwomen #chinesenewyears #2020goals #handcraftedjewelry #jewelry #womenempowerment #womenwholead #bossbabes #motivation #fashion #style #chinesenewyearsoutfit #ootd

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