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10 Lessons/Tips I've learned in the First Year of Business

My first year of running Callo has been so incredible! I learnt much and have met many amazing supporters along the way. As someone who is always striving to push my own boundaries, to continually learn, make the mistakes, to grow and be better, celebrating our One Year Anniversary is such an achievement and with that comes self-reflection. I want take you behind scenes of what really happened in my first year and to share those lessons and tips with you.  As some of you know the biggest highlight of 2020 was our re-branding decision from CY & Company to what we know as Callo today. THIS WAS BOLD. We had planned to launch this early spring in time for...

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Neha Singla of Posh Events on Pivoting her Wedding Business during COVID-19

During this time there are many businesses and individuals that have been affected by COVID-19. We have been communicating and working with many other businesses to support each other. Posh Events is one business that we wanted to share with all of you. Neha Singla lets us in on how she has pivoted her business during this time and what she has been doing to stay positive about what's coming next for her and her business.  I reached out to Neha Singla of Posh Events to get some insight of how her business and industry is handling the COVID-19 crisis. Being apart of one of the biggest and most important industries, weddings, would have a huge impact and I wanted...

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