Personal Branding Tips in the Modern Organization

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Personal branding is not a new concept..yet most of us still don't know what it means or how it impacts us. Before social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people did have a means of understanding personal branding but at that time it was more known as "professional reputations". Building a personal brand is so much more than having an online social presence and ones' own reputation and brand is not solely defined on these platforms. It is a mistake to think that have a social presence will gain a person's reputation within an organization, in fact it can leave them with no reputation at all. 

Now is a great time to build your reputation outside of social media as companies are moving away from the traditional hierarchal structure making it way easier to succeed than ever before without positional power or authority. Organizations are becoming more purpose driven and less hierarchal making it easier for someone to align their personal brand with success, however you still need to be intentional if you're going to end up with the reputation you want. If your organization is still evolving and is sitting on the more primitive side of things then you know you will have to work just a bit harder to stand out as an evolved employee.

Here are some of our tips on how you can use personal branding effectively within modern structure:

There are reasons to intentionally build your personal reputation were you work today:

1) Building relationships and networking with key people

2) Future opportunities 

Your brand identity tells people who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.

  • Do good work - provide quality output
  • Know your organization's mission and objectives and prioritize your work that supports those objectives
  • Knowledge sharing - share the lessons learnt in all your successes no matter how big or small
  • Be genuine and authentic - this cannot be faked it has to come straight from your authentic being
  • Find out who has influence on your team/in the organization and help them succeed
  • Let people know your personal and professional goals so that they can help you achieve them
  • Share your ideas and build them in collaboration with others, giving credit where due

Personal branding tips on Social Media

Here are some things you can do to build a strong social media presence that will reinforce and strengthen your in-person reputation:

  • Make sure your professional profiles are up-to-date on LinkedIN and also on your company's social sites
  • If your company has a LinkedIn group, make sure you join it and be an influential player
  • Connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn and company social sites
  • Choose an area of expertise you want to be known for and post an interesting article - include a sentence or two about why you think the article is interesting at lease once a month 

Recognize that anything you say or do in person and in professional circles can become broadly known and become mindful what you do and why - BE INTENTIONAL

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