Owning your success!

So many times in our lives we shy away from owning our success and achievements. Why? Is it uncomfortable? Are you afraid to be judged? What is deterring you from embracing it all?
Success comes in many forms and means differently to each individual. The majority of someone’s success comes from your actions, your choices, and your behaviours. The other 10-15% may be caused by timing and outside influences... sure! But knowing that 85-90% of it is in your control should really light up something so bright and strong within yourself.
We are all guilty of this, but why do we work so hard towards a goal to merely stop and acknowledge it before moving onto the next goal. We are not doing any favours to ourselves... and the fact is if we don’t acknowledge them ourselves how is the outside world going to know about the work that you’ve done?
It wasn’t too long ago I sat with a coach who had looked over my resume and he stopped me mid session to ask me where’s the rest of my content? I just stared at him and didn’t know how to respond because no-one had asked me that before.
He said, “you only have about 10% of your success and achievements written down, why is that?” and in that moment I literally just broke down in tears and realized that I did not see how much I have accomplished and that because of my own insecurities about myself I did not allow or want people to know where I have been or what I have been up to in my career and personal life.
I wasn’t sure why I have been so insecure when truly I should be so proud of all the things that I have done and worked so hard for. I had let stress, unhappiness, and the busyness of my life impact the way I self-managed success. Instead of minimizing my achievements now, I have turned my resume around to show all the results I had driven through each initiative.
I think that sometimes we can all get caught up with life and we compare ourselves to others a little too often. In the process of doing so, we forget to give ourselves the time and credit we deserve. It may not be our time or our season right now but one day it will be our season and time to shine and we have to keep that in mind and be opened for change while we keep working towards a meaningful life.
Find your purpose and continually be curious about what you can do to improve yourself. Keep believing in the process and never stop working towards becoming the best version of you because only you can determine your own success and happiness.

Christine XO

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