Neha Singla of Posh Events on Pivoting her Wedding Business during COVID-19

During this time there are many businesses and individuals that have been affected by COVID-19. We have been communicating and working with many other businesses to support each other. Posh Events is one business that we wanted to share with all of you. Neha Singla lets us in on how she has pivoted her business during this time and what she has been doing to stay positive about what's coming next for her and her business. 

I reached out to Neha Singla of Posh Events to get some insight of how her business and industry is handling the COVID-19 crisis. Being apart of one of the biggest and most important industries, weddings, would have a huge impact and I wanted to get a professional to share more about her story and where brides and grooms are going to take their celebrations. When one thinks of schooling, we tend to lean towards something practical and this is exactly what Neha did. She went to university to study hard and become an accountant, throughout the years she held many job positions and didn’t ever think she would be a wedding planner one day. Her career was stable; however she was missing the passion she sought and wanted to explore other opportunities. Thankfully her now mother-in-law, Shaila Shahid, was her key to changing her life. With the guidance of an experienced wedding planner she was able to first begin by helping at odd events, then when she realized that this might be something to pursue, she wanted to commit wholeheartedly. The first few years Neha would keep her stable accounting job and plan weddings in her spare time. Shaila was there to provide the knowledge, tips on how to stay organized and taught her lessons on patience and building strong client relationships.

Wedding planning felt rewarding and felt less of a job and more of a passion. There was no greater feeling than watching months of hard work unfold into something spectacular. Helping couples bring their dream wedding to life and seeing them happy on their special day was extremely rewarding. It is important to keep up with the new trends within the wedding industry as they are constantly evolving. Couples are always eager to make their wedding as unique and as personable as possible. For instance, traditionally, the bride and groom would not attend the cocktail hour and make a grand entrance at the reception, but recently many couples prefer to attend their cocktail hours as they feel it is a great time to mingle and take photos with their guests. Many couples want a unique venue for their wedding as opposed to a banquet hall. This is a great opportunity as Neha has now planned weddings in in barns, mansions, museums and galleries. Couples are also adding personal touches to their weddings such as taking video shots of where they first met to be added in their same-day edit videos that is played at the reception. Brides are now leaning towards more natural and fresh makeup as opposed to heavy makeup. They are also going for simpler and more elegant jewelry opposed to heavier traditional jewelry. Neha added she is big fan of the jewelry at the Callo as it is elegant, stylish and unique. Two of her favorite pieces are the Micro Opal Teardrop Earrings and the Micro Crystal Baguette Earrings.

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This year was supposed to be the biggest year for Posh Events by Neha, but like many other businesses, it has been affected by Covid 19. Covid 19 has shaken up the wedding industry as countless weddings are being postponed to either later this year or next year. Regardless of the struggles Neha and other wedding vendors are continuing to support clients financially and emotionally. Together they are trying to accommodate brides and grooms who are sadly unable to continue celebrating their wedding this summer. Her efforts include, but are not limited to, providing guidance and suggestions, assisting with rescheduling if required. She has made adjustments to her policies such as honouring deposits for a new date and adjusting payment schedules when required. The wedding industry is most certainly in the business of love. Speaking on behalf of the whole wedding industry, Neha want all couples to know that she and her team are here as support and will do everything that to help make this process as easy as possible. We are all in this together and together we will get through this!

This is another great example of pivoting your business in the face of crisis. Callo would like to thank Neha for her insightful look on Weddings in 2020 and would like to continue to support local and small businesses flourish. We will get through this with support and the love we have for our fellow human beings.

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