Interview with Lindsay Tompkins: Journey of turning passion into profit

Lindsay Tompkins Interview

March was a month to highlight womanhood and the COVID-19 virus has taken over headlines. Today looks like political members from all nations and celebrities urging you to stay home and to wash your hands! CY & Co. and all businesses have an opportunity to give back to their community and help donate proceeds from our jewelry sales. With your help we can raise funds to donate back to our community members in need. 

January 31st only a few months ago my close friend asked me to join her at a speaking and networking event. On a cold gloomy afternoon, I headed into Toronto to go see powerful women in their field talk about what they do best and The Toronto Business Babes did not disappoint. Lindsay Tompkins just so happened to be on the panel that night and I was privileged to hear her speak. Topics of self care, routine, speaking up in male run industries and much more were brought up and these ladies did not hold back. What drew me to Lindsay was that she was campaigning for women through expression and dance. I reached out to her to get some insight on how she overcame her struggles and turned it into profit.

Interview with Lindsay Tompkins

I sat down with Lindsay and asked her how she became a specialist in her unique field. Like all young people she started humbly. Taking her marketing degree from university she became a blogger and started food blogs, even becoming a writer for a City of Hamilton food magazine. Her passion for dance however could not be ignored and she dreamt of opening her own studio. When she realized she needed at least 10k in capital to start the studio, she took on a job as a bookkeeper. Little did she know that this small Ontario based company was about to go onto Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den is a television show where entrepreneurs present their ideas to successful business moguls in hopes of them funding new projects. This is when a lightbulb flashed in Lindsay’s mind and she realized that in the early 2000’s her company had no social media presence. If she took over their socials in time their clients would be able to interact with the company in ways they previously never could. Not even a week into her jr. bookkeeping job she was transitioned into a social media manager at the age of 22. 

The day came when she wanted to expand on her own and her opportunities seemed limiting. She quit her job, wrote, printed and handed in her resignation and was walked out of the building that day to start her new life and career. Now, she acts as a social media coach that takes women’s drama and trauma and turns it into passion and profit online. It doesn’t stop there as she has also designed and created a dance program where one can release shame through feminine movement. By facing her fears and challenges she took the leap to becoming a true specialist in a field that would positively impact her life and many others. 

Failures are common with entrepreneurship and I asked Lindsay how she deals with failures and how she overcomes them. She mentioned that she decided to make up her own rules of what failure was for her. She uses her energy to propel herself instead of staying stagnant. Instead of being a perfectionist and seeing the wrong in everything, Lindsay prefers to have high expectations but low standards. Consistency has always been the key for Lindsay and she has worked her way up from her basement with poor lighting; to being fully equipped and ready to work from her home office. She learned that it is all about her mindset and being an opportunist in teaching people where she has failed in the past.

When asked about competition, Lindsay cooly let me know that she would rather collaborate than compete. There is a lot of competition in her field and she thinks that every person and their mom want to become life, social media and business coaches, but that won’t stop her. When people think of competition, they think about losing business but she keeps a positive attitude and uses Mantras to keep her aligned with who she wants to be and who she wants to become. No matter what she faces she knows that there will always be new streams of income in her life.

For future entrepreneurs I asked her what the best advice would be, here is her answer: You have to say what you want. Whatever you put out is what will come back to you. Take your life path into your own hands and be ready to share this with everyone. When someone had asked her how she became a speaker, she replied that she began by telling people that she was a speaker. Don’t be afraid to start small and grow as you learn. This is the time for you to fail and learn, start with one item in inventory and build it. 

Lindsay is a kind hearted person who freely expresses her emotions and life through social media. She creates a safe place for women of all kinds to join together and by using social media, she is able to share her story as well.

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Lindsay Tompkins

CY & Co. are so pleased to feature women who are changing the nature of business and allowing others to feel included and heard. We are happy to celebrate all our female identifying vendors who create beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry that have been apart of their expression and creativity. Due to the overwhelming circumstances we encourage you to help us support our communities through your purchases and we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to people in need. 

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