Designer Spotlight: Kindling and Co.

Designer Spotlight, Callo, Kindling and Co.

Today we affectionately highlight another one of our amazing vendors, Kindling and Company. Kerry started designing jewellery as a creative escape which she soon developed into a beautiful and sustainable jewellery company. Every piece is lovingly made by hand in her Toronto studio and incorporate the highest quality crystals and semiprecious stones. The metals used in their designs have a recycled brass or sterling silver core, with a long-lasting tarnish resistant 14k gold fill or rhodium silver filled satin finish. As a designer, Kerry understands the impact she makes not only on the community but also around the globe. She has teamed up with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and also uses the sales from the “Bumble” jewellery pieces to support Pollinator Partnership. These organizations help protect, restore and maintain all habitats involved. Kindling and Co. is leading the way into a brighter future and influencing beautiful sustainable products that you can wear to add some sparkle to any outfit.

Our customer's top FAV's from the collection:

Arwen Ring 

Pave Huggie Hoop Earrings

Micro Crystal Triangle Earrings

Moon Phase Necklace

Nikita Gallyot
Lead Content Strategist 

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