Competition in the Workplace

competition in the workplace, cy and company, luxury handcrafted jewelry

You may have only just begun your journey into the full-time employee spectrum or you’ve been apart of it for some time, but competition is everywhere. No one tells you that after receiving your degree you’ll have to fight for a position that hundreds of others are eyeing. And when you do achieve your goal and get your dream job, there are still obstacles to come. The pressure to immediately know what you’re doing is immense. You can’t act clueless, there must be drive and you better figure it out before you lose your job and all that you’ve worked for. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a mentor or boss who will guide you through your career of choice and they will share the knowledge they learned hustling to get to where they are now. However, in most cases you will find that in any workplace no one is going to hold your hand and show you how it’s done. CY & Co. supports artisan creations made to showcase what the innovators on our team are changing in the blue ocean we call competition.

Competition is inescapable in any industry. Let’s take the jewelry business as our example, fashion has always been a forefront of competition. Branding is key to all audiences. Your logo, your voice, the way you interact with clients and who you allow to wear your jewelry can represent what you stand for. In 2020 we are moving away from archaic thinking and allowing ourselves to be humanized. Finally, we are able to be “normal” by being unnormal. So how do we take competition from inducing fear and anxiety to becoming productive and inspiring innovators?  

competition in the workplace, cy and company, luxury handcrafted jewelry

Compete with yourself. Stop looking at others in your workplace and start looking within. What are you doing everyday that can help your company succeed in an ocean full of competitors? This is a very difficult question to answer when most people are bogged down by stress, work life balance and their own priorities. It can lead to you not focusing on what you’re doing at work and can reflect poorly to management who has the ability to move you down in company rankings. This can lead to losing bonuses or promotions and dampen your experience at work.

Leaders are focused and they know what they want. When you get into the office make sure you’re organized and have a plan of action for the day. What are you working on? Is there something that can be fixed that no one else sees but you? How are you being an innovator? Managers want to see their team come up with new ideas that will enhance everyone’s lives and help gain a profit for the company. How are you going to be that person? Instead of condemning that new employee for messing up the budget take some time to explain how it’s done correctly and be a leader. Highlight your leadership skills and willingness to help a co-worker learn a new skill that will help your team instead of hindering your productivity. 

When competition is toxic in a work place your employees don’t want to be there. You don’t want to be compared to Sharon or Doug and they don’t want to be compared to you. You want to be seen as an integral part of the team that makes up a whole. When you go into work fearing that one mistake or one misstep could land you applying for unemployment, you do as you’re told. There is no space for your employee to gain autonomy and gain the confidence in taking on a new project. Fear is brought back into the equation and productivity takes a dive. 

competition in the workplace, cy and company, luxury handcrafted jewelry

Build relationships. Building relationships in your team will decrease your competitive nature and open lines of communication you thought would never be open. Your role should be in part to lead the conversation and inspire your team to perform more productively. Applaud the efforts of your team and you will see that they work harder for you. I have always believed in this and still do to this day, it is so important to show the love. When you embarrass someone for not working hard enough or making a mistake you are losing out on a huge opportunity. By recognizing your teammate is struggling and helping them, they learn something new and appreciate you in the process. By rewarding your employee or co-worker with recognition you build a bond to that person. Now they see you as an inspiration and are more willing to stay late to finish up that very important project. You are giving yourself and your partners the opportunity to reach your full potential. Bring excitement back into the workplace and leave anxiety behind.

We hope that people who wear our jewelry feel a sense of confidence and that their only competition in life is with themselves. So wear it proudly, whether it is a bracelet, earring or necklace... find what resonates with you and own that authenticity. 

Nikita Gallyot
Writer & Lead Content Strategist 

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