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Whats new at CALLO?

Hi CALLO friends!! It's been a while since we have connected... but don't worry we haven't forgotten about you!  As you all know the pandemic has challenged all small business owners in many different ways and CALLO is no exception. Our team had to revisit our strategy, our products, processes, and channels of distribution since COVID-19 started. At the beginning of the pandemic, our team decided to re-brand from CY & Company to CALLO. It was the perfect time to reflect on who we want to be and how we want to represent what we offer and our community of wonderful followers that had supported us from the very first day. You might have noticed some slight changes to our...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Customers buy Jewelry from Specific Designers/Brands

  Take a moment and look through  your jewelry collection, what do you see? A trend in style? Designer? Brand? It's interesting because we don't often think about these things.. but you may now start to notice that you tend to purchase similar styles in different finishes, perhaps majority from the same designer or brand? So why? Why do you select specific jewelry from designers or brands? What is about them that keeps you coming back? We've surveyed some of our customers and have put together a top 10 list to share with you!  Photo/Image quality: customers want to jewelry photographed well, whether they are product images or editorial images.  Jewelry designs: must be unique, not something that gets mass...

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What is Sustainable Jewelry?

  Many people have heard the term SUSTAINABLE and with that it has become increasingly important to our lifestyles impacting our daily routines and decision making processes when selecting products/services that are more geared towards environmentally friendly initiatives. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Blood Diamond” in reference to engagement rings and jewelry makers are now in the business of changing  their image. Jewellers are creating beautiful pieces of work in laboratories and this is a sustainable way of creating. So, what does it all really mean? I’ll break it down for you below. What does sustainable mean? Sustainable jewelry can be categorized is 4 ways; Ethical: Is a general term, it means products are produced and traded in ways...

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Resetting Yourself

With the state of the world in limbo, people are trying to figure out what to do with their lives now that they have more free time and the need to work. The hustle of running to get ready in the morning to go to the office, to commute back home has been totally eliminated. Now we wake up and get ready for our camera for our 10 o’clock zoom meeting. It’s ok that we are pivoting and changing our routine, I say this because that means you are a resilient human being doing the best you can. I’m apart of this movement too and by that, I mean moving from my bed to my couch to watch Netflix or...

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10 Lessons/Tips I've learned in the First Year of Business

My first year of running Callo has been so incredible! I learnt much and have met many amazing supporters along the way. As someone who is always striving to push my own boundaries, to continually learn, make the mistakes, to grow and be better, celebrating our One Year Anniversary is such an achievement and with that comes self-reflection. I want take you behind scenes of what really happened in my first year and to share those lessons and tips with you.  As some of you know the biggest highlight of 2020 was our re-branding decision from CY & Company to what we know as Callo today. THIS WAS BOLD. We had planned to launch this early spring in time for...

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